Jesuit Social Services strongly believes that addressing family violence requires tackling its root causes by supporting men and boys to live respectful, accountable, and fulfilling lives, and addressing the social conditions that contribute to violence.

We recently gave feedback on the federal government’s Draft National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032 (the National Plan). We made a series of recommendations to ensure the new National Plan meets its objective of a future free from gender-based violence in Australia.

Summary of our recommendations

The National Plan must:

  • Ensure its commitments have a clear direction and are adequately funded, as well as provide strong mechanisms for transparency and accountability.
  • Address the root causes of harmful masculine norms and promote healthier masculinities through prevention and early intervention.
  • Provide a clear blueprint for a service system that is appropriately resourced and responsive to the needs of people affected by family violence.

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