Jesuit Social Services welcomed the opportunity to respond to the National Office for Child Safety’s consultation paper, Understanding sexual behaviours displayed by children and young people: National principles and key terminology.

This submission outlines our child sexual abuse prevention programs and responds to two of the key feedback questions posed in the Consultation paper. On this basis, we make four recommendations:

  • Develop supplementary resources setting out comprehensive standards, detail and explanation of the principles, their application in particular contexts, and their implementation
  • Develop and offer free training for service providers and other relevant entities on how to implement the principles in the design of their services and in their ongoing practice
  • Consult subject-matter specialists from within the First Nations community on cultural healing and related matters to develop culturally appropriate and safe practices and appropriate frameworks and/or standards to inform training on the principles’ implementation
  • Offer free consultation to service providers to support them to fully implement and adhere to the principles.