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We believe in respect and support diversity

Respecting and supporting personal culture, cultural safety and cultural diversity, including age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, people from LGBTIQA+ communities, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) people, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, and people with a disability, is inherent in Jesuit Social Services’ Vision and our way of working.

Jesuit Social Services is committed to providing a working environment that embraces and values diversity and inclusion.

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Journey to Rainbow Tick and beyond

Jesuit Social Services is inclusive of LGBTIQA+ people and communities and is committed to providing safe and inclusive practices in service delivery for LGBTIQA+ participants.  We are also committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for our staff, volunteers, and members of the public.

In 2023, Jesuit Social Services received accreditation against the Rainbow Tick standards. The Rainbow Tick is a national accreditation program for organisations that can demonstrate safe, inclusive and affirming services and employment for the LGBTIQA+ community.

The Rainbow Tick confirms our commitment to our participants, staff and community as an LGBTIQA+ inclusive organisation.

Jesuit Social Services is a Rainbow Tick accredited organisation.

Jesuit Social Services’ WGEA Employer Statement on the gender pay gap

Jesuit Social Services is committed to gender equality and closing the pay gap. We recruit on a merit basis and strive to have the best people in our organisation regardless of gender.