There are a range of ways your business can get involved with our work.

From organising fundraising drives within your workplace or joining our Workplace Giving program, to organising a guest speaker through our Just Voices program, there’s a whole bunch of ways your workplace can help us create a more just society.

Join our Workplace Giving program

Workplace Giving is a way for employed people and their employers to give back to the community knowing that they are helping shape a better world.

What is Workplace Giving?
  • Workplace Giving is a payroll contribution scheme where direct pre-tax donations from registered employees can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people experiencing disadvantage in our community.
  • Employees choose the amount of salary they wish to donate and it will be deducted from their pay — giving them an instant tax benefit. Their taxable income is reduced immediately, without the need for donation receipts. Because donations are made pre-tax, it only costs 52 cents for every dollar given (based on a marginal tax rate of 48.5%). The Australian Taxation Office pays the balance.
  • Workplace Giving offers the opportunity to make a regular positive contribution to social justice – just a small amount every pay cycle.
  • Through regular contributions deducted automatically from an employee’s salary each pay period, they’ll be part of a valuable community of regular donors. Regular donations help us to plan for the future so we can do even more with every donation.
  • Workplace Giving is a way for employed people to give back to the community knowing that they are helping shape a better world.
Benefits for employees
  • It’s easy! The employee decides how much to give, and it’s automatically deducted with each pay cycle.
  • Workplace Giving donations are deducted from pre-tax salaries, which means that the taxable income is reduced immediately – without the need for receipts.
  • Championing social justice: your support will help us advocate for social change and help build a just society where all people can live to their full potential.
Benefits for employers
  • Participating in Workplace Giving is a great way for companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) by committing to long-term economic and social development of families and communities.
  • This in turn sends positive signals to investors, shareholders, employees and customers.
  • You can monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped to achieve.
  • If you match your employee’s donation, your organisation can extend its impact and, in the process, send a strong message to your staff that you have an organisational commitment to staff interests.

Contact the Fundraising Team for further details

Book a speaker from our Just Voices Speakers Program

Our Just Voices speakers deliver sessions to inform and inspire. Our speakers are from diverse communities and lived experiences – we work with Aboriginal presenters, as well as people with lived experience of being homeless, being engaged in the youth justice system, or fleeing conflict and persecution to find a safer life in Australia. Speakers explore themes such as courage, resilience, empathy, leadership, empowerment, social justice, diversity and cultural awareness.

Learn more about the Just Voices Speakers Program

Fundraise for us

We rely on support from donors to continue our work building a more just society. Fundraising for Jesuit Social Services is a great way for your workplace to actively contribute to the community. Fundraisers come in many different forms and can be as creative as you want them to be, but as an example, you could run a ticketed event such as a trivia night, or a walkathon, physical challenge or other peer-to-peer event, which seeks sponsorship for an activity. Whatever your idea, we can support you with resources and advice.

To discuss further, please email, or call 03 9421 7600. We’d love to hear from you!

Get involved with our Corporate Diversity Partnerships program

Imagine starting each workday with a powerful mix of people driving company success.

People who are enterprising, committed and culturally aware. People whose unique backgrounds, views and experiences spark new ideas, inspire creative problem solving, and inject out-of-the-box thinking into the workplace. People as diverse as each company’s customers, who offer valuable insights into the consumer behaviours that will drive market growth.

Corporate Diversity Partnerships bring this vision to life – supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who face barriers to gaining employment to find meaningful work – benefitting both the participant and the partnering organisation.

If you would like to keep you informed about future opportunities, please register your interest in Corporate Diversity Partnerships. If your organisation is interested in finding out how to develop your own program, please contact or call 03 9421 7600.