Jesuit Social Services welcomes some changes made by the Federal government over the past year, including incremental increases to income support payments and Commonwealth Rent Assistance (though more needs to be done in this space), the establishment of the National Justice Reinvestment Program, commencement of consultation for a National Housing and Homelessness Plan and the completion of notable inquiries including the NDIS Review and the Workforce Australia Inquiry, which have outlined frameworks for necessary reform of essential services.

However, given the current state of inflation, weak wages growth and how rapidly cost of living pressures have increased over the past year, particularly the prices of housing, rent, groceries and energy bills, the 2024-25 Federal budget needs to provide much needed relief.

Drawing on 46 years of advocacy and action, this pre-budget submission provides recommendations across a range of interconnected social policy areas.

Jesuit Social Services calls on the Federal government to devote resources towards reducing inequity and exclusion, and ensuring people on the margins are given every opportunity to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The upcoming budget must provide meaningful cost of living relief, especially for people on the lowest incomes, and must provide adequate and secure funding for the community service organisations that are dealing with unprecedented levels of demand in the face of events such as the worsening housing crisis.

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