fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Settlement and community building

Our programs

Our settlement and community building programs support newly arrived families and young people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Our work includes:

  • Settlement Program – our Homework Club, English Language Support and other programs support people from migrant backgrounds to integrate into mainstream Australian society, while keeping in touch with their cultural backgrounds
  • Western Sydney program – we help Western Sydney communities break out of cycles of disadvantage by developing local answers to local problems, such as high unemployment rates and limited access to affordable, healthy food
  • Community Capacity Building– we support Aboriginal peoples to advocate for their own needs, and be heard, through diverse activities in remote Australia
  • Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) – we campaign to influence attitudes in the Australian community to welcome and respect people seeking asylum
  • Just Voices Speakers Program – we support social justice advocates from diverse backgrounds, communities and cultures to share their stories to schools, community groups and workplaces – download our Just Voices brochure

What we do

  • We help people connect with services
  • We provide information on local life and culture
  • We aim to make people feel at home in Australia

Why we do it

We know that moving to a foreign country can be daunting, even more so for people who don’t speak English or understand local customs. That’s why relationships are at the heart of all we do.

By working collectively, we can help improve communities’ economic, social and cultural conditions.