Western Sydney program

Providing flexible responses to local community needs

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Since 2008, Jesuit Social Services has been building on the strengths of Western Sydney communities to support them to break out of cycles of disadvantage.

We work in partnership with Mount Druitt’s Holy Family Parish, community leaders and local organisations.

Mount Druitt has the largest urban Aboriginal population in Australia. Jesuit Social Services partners with Aboriginal organisations and Elders to deliver a series of culturally safe initiatives.

Our programs

Our suite of initiatives include:

  • Ignite Food Store – we provide low cost, healthy, fresh food to families who are struggling. Buying a hamper will deliver customers additional value through the addition of free produce:
    • $20 hamper = $50 (Woolworths)

    • $30 hamper = $80 (Woolworths)

    • $40 Hamper = $100 (Woolworths)

    • $10 hampers are available at Open Pantry Blackett.

    • $20 hampers and the $10 fruits and vegetables pack are also available.

  • Ignite Op Shop – we provide high quality clothing, toys, books, furniture, household items, and bric-a-brac at low prices to the Mount Druitt community. Our Ignite Food Store and Op Shop are open five days a week and encourage local families to visit our store often and save money.
  • Willmot Community Hub – we provide a welcoming space in the heart of Willmot to facilitate a number of groups and events with the community, including a weekly breakfast, after school and school holiday programs, a seniors’ group and NAIDOC celebrations.  We partner with local residents and over 20 organisations to build a community resource right in the heart of Willmot. We work together with others to deliver a number of programs to the local community. 
  • Open Pantry – a community hub providing affordable food, coffee and community, located in Blackett.
  • Schools and community engagement – we support high school students to become more aware and active in social justice through volunteering. The program helps students and staff from Sydney to deepen their understanding of the experiences and struggles that many community members in Western Sydney grapple with every day.
  • Willmot Currawong Kitchen – we provide healthy food options to children at the Willmot Public School canteen, offer catering throughout the local area, and deliver healthy food hampers to people experiencing food insecurity.
  • Parenting support – we deliver therapeutic groups for women experiencing vulnerability during pregnancy and in their children’s early years.

What we do

  • Using a place-based model, we work collectively to ensure every child has the best possible start in life.
  • We support community members to break out of cycles of disadvantage by developing local answers to local problems.
  • We build relationships within local communities through training and work experience, employment, family support, and leadership activities.

Why we do it

Western Sydney is made up of diverse and vibrant communities – its people are resilient, strong, passionate and kind. These communities are also faced with complex social and economic issues.

Our Dropping off the Edge research into locational disadvantage, spanning more than 20 years, finds that many communities in Western Sydney deal with multiple and complex forms of disadvantage.

How to participate

All of Jesuit Social Services’ Western Sydney initiatives are open to the community and take referrals from individuals. Please contact us directly to find out more about how to get involved with our programs.

Ignite Food Store and Op Shop

Open Monday to Friday, 8:00am-3:15pm (Food Store) and 9:00am-2.00pm (Op Shop)
252–254 Luxford Rd (PO Box 86) Emerton NSW 2770
Tel: (02) 9628 2288 | Fax: (02) 9628 0593
Email: westernsydney@jss.org.au | Facebook 

All other programs

11 Emert Pde (PO Box 86) Emerton NSW 2770
Tel: (02) 9628 2288 | Fax: (02) 9628 6139 | Email: westernsydney@jss.org.au