This submission explore the gaps and opportunities for better responding to perpetrators of family violence.

Our diversity of work means we have direct experience of the gaps in responses to family violence.

While our services are not family violence specific, the impact of family violence is present across all our programs: our participants have experienced violence, and have used violence, so are both victims and perpetrators of violence.

The submission examines issues faced by women exiting prison, the rationale for greater intervention with young people, and family violence in asylum seeker communities.

We recommend:

  • addressing the cultural context of family violence
  • strengthening programs that keep women and children safe
  • an integrated response to family violence perpetrators
  • integrating prisons and Youth Justice Centres into a continuum of response to family violence
  • addressing vulnerability among women prisoners
  • providing child and youth focused responses to family violence
  • providing culturally appropriate support around family violence.

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