We believe that every person living with a disability in Australia should have access to the opportunities in life that enable them to thrive.

Jesuit Social Services expressed this vision in a submission to the redevelopment of Australia’s National Disability Advocacy Framework. This vison is informed by our experience of working with people who face justice involvement, coupled with disability and complex needs.

We made recommendations that aim to ensure the new Framework is responsive to people with multiple and complex challenges and proposes the reforms necessary so they can thrive and live life to the fullest.

Summary of our recommendations:

  • Strengthen vison to cater for those with complex needs who may not be able to advocate for themselves.
  • Ensure timely access to supports with appropriately skilled practitioners to assess for participant needs and deliver services.
  • Reflect a more equitable approach to justice with provisions for more accessible legal supports.
  • Guarantee greater coordination between the disability and mainstream services system.
  • Improved flexibility of the NDIS service system, in particular, funding to improve assessments and planning to ensure more timely access to packages and crucial support.
  • Establishing a culturally responsive disability service system, including increased funding for community organisations that work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD communities to support them to understand, apply for and participate in the NDIS.
  • Greater focus on building capacity for decision-making.
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