Our policy response proposes eight key ways to improve labour hire arrangements for Victorian workers, businesses and the broader community. It conveys our experience of particular groups in the Victorian community who are more likely to become ‘trapped’ in insecure work.

We recommend:

  • Funding alternative labour hire models that are able to meet the needs of disadvantaged workers
  • Advocating for changes to Centrelink practices to better facilitate labour hire and other casual employment opportunities for people on unemployment benefits
  • Investing in preventing early school leaving and linking those who leave to appropriate supports
  • Creating a funding stream to support the access of disadvantaged learners to high quality education and training programs
  • Supporting proven, soft entry approaches to working with disengaged and disadvantaged groups in education and employment
  • Funding on-the-job placement support as a core component of all employment programs for disadvantaged groups
  • Targeting investment in the education and training needs of people involved in the justice system
  • Trialling whole-of-community approaches in the most highly disadvantaged communities

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Victorian Inquiry into the Labour Hire Industry and Insecure Work