Jesuit Social Services welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of a Climate Change Strategy for the Northern Territory.

As an organisation, Jesuit Social Services recognises the significant and imminent risks that climate change poses to our communities and the natural world. We also recognise that the people least responsible for ecological threats likely to be affected first and worst by their emergence.

Our submission makes an urgent call to the Northern Territory Government to take action on climate change. Building on our discussion paper, Ecological Justice: Expanding the Conversation, the submission presents the concept of ecological justice as a framework for action to support an equitable and holistic response to what is the most pressing challenge facing our country and our planet.

Our contribution to the discussion in the Northern Territory follows our organisation’s commitment to ecological justice in our way or working and our belief that the community sector has an important role to play in bringing the voices of the most disadvantaged to the centre of conversation.

In our submission we:

  • Explain the concept of ecological justice and its relevance to the Northern Territory Government’s climate change response.
  • Present opportunities for the Northern Territory Government to address the impact of climate change through an ecological lens.

The submission also includes as an appendix our responses to the specific questions outlined by the Government in relation to its climate change strategy.

Download your copy of our Submission to the Northern Territory Government’s Climate Change Discussion Paper