Jesuit Social Services recognises the evidence of the risks that climate changes pose for national and human security and the imperative to take immediate action to mitigate these risks. As an organisation, we have for several years sought to bring an ecological perspective to all our operations, recognising that environmental challenges pose significant risk to people on the margins of society whom we work with and support.

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee’s Inquiry into the Implications of climate change for Australia’s national security. The primary purpose of our submission is to ensure the voice of the most disadvantaged and marginalised within and beyond Australia’s borders are considered.

We call for:

  • Governments to prioritise the emergency mobilisation of resources at a speed and scale to preserve a liveable planet and protect the vulnerable from climate impacts.
  • The most disadvantaged and marginalised members of society, nationally and internationally, to be recognised as a high-risk cohort, and that preventative measures are put in place to protect their lives, health and communities from the climate impacts of flood, fire, droughts, other extreme weather events and the ultimate risk of rising sea levels
  • Governments to invest in building the capacity of the Australian workforce across all sectors, but particularly in the community sector, to appreciate the importance of this issue and equip it to address climate change risks proactively.
  • Governments to invest in foreign aid to build resilience in at-risk communities (such as the Philippines and Bangladesh) to prevent instability, conflict and large scale movement of people due to climate change.

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