People who come to Australia seeking asylum are among the most vulnerable members of our community.

Respect for their human dignity and health and wellbeing requires that they are properly fed, sheltered, safe, provided with appropriate educational opportunities, receive medical care and have their claims adjudicated fairly within a reasonable timeframe.

Our submission to the Federal Senate Inquiry into Nauru and Manus Island briefly describes:

  • the policy background of offshore detention
  • the relationship between the Australian Government and its contractors, and
  • the government’s legal and moral responsibilities to those subject to offshore processing and resettlement.

Jesuit Social Services recommends that offshore detention centres should be closed to ensure the safety, dignity, and legal rights of all asylum seekers.

Recognising the current policy settings, and as an interim solution while offshore processing remains in place, we also make several recommendations to ensure the immediate strengthening of protection, oversight and accountability for those currently in offshore detention.

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