This submission endorses the Truth, Justice and Healing Council‘s response to Issues Paper 3: Child Safe Institutions.

The issues paper is published by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Our submission fully endorses the nine essential elements of child safe organisations posited by the Council:

  • a protective child centred organisational culture;
  • ‘child aware’ leadership;
  • continuous risk management strategies;
  • implementation of a child protection policy;
  • effective human resource practices;
  • effective investigation processes;
  • accreditation;
  • children’s empowerment; and
  • victim support.

The submission recommends to the Council the expansion of child safe principles, and regulatory and accountability mechanisms, to other vulnerable groups.

It also proposes that all State and Commonwealth incorporation, reporting and governance standards and arrangements be merged into a simpler – ideally single – process that includes safety principles alongside other core standards.

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Endorsement of Truth, Justice and Healing Council's response to the 'Child Safe Institutions' issues paper cover