This joint letter by Jesuit Social Services and the Atyenhenge-atherre Aboriginal Corporation responds to the draft Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy.

Our letter proposes six ways to strengthen the Aboriginal workforce in Stronger Futures:

  1. Set benchmarks and realistically budget for travel allowances and resources for remote workers within the operational models for services.
  2. Explore the potential for organisations in different remote communities to collaborate in supervision and support for remote Aboriginal workers when they work across communities.
  3. Promote the use of local suppliers and services by Stronger Futures providers in their supply chains.
  4. Develop and pilot a model for ongoing on the job coaching to be provided to Aboriginal workers in Stronger Futures delivery organisations.
  5. Tailor the cross cultural training provided to Stronger Futures workforces in remote communities, and ensure this training is delivered by the communities where services are located.
  6.  Independently and adequately fund the Stronger Futures Workforce Development Strategy and the Aboriginal Employment Plans over and beyond funding provided to deliver the Stronger Futures services.

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