This submission responds to Plan Melbourne’s 2012 discussion paper, which was released to prompt debate around the challenges and ideas for Melbourne’s future.

Our submission draws on our understanding that cities exist for people, and not people for cities.

It argues that Melbourne in 2050 must be a city that provides for the basic needs of all of its people.

The submission recommends that the Metropolitan Planning Strategy should:

  • Outline principles for service delivery to promote more inclusive Melbourne, with attention to the locational nature of disadvantage.
  • Invest in the skills and knowledge of Melbournians and recognise the need for flexible and appropriate learning opportunities for people disengaged from mainstream education.
  • Outline key components and processes for promoting economic participation and local employment opportunities.
  • Promote the role of social enterprise in supporting economic and social participation in the future development of Melbourne.
  • Pursue employment opportunities for disadvantaged people, which involve employers and seek out innovative ways of financing small and medium enterprises in communities.
  • Contain strategies that promote social cohesion– these are imperative to minimise harmful impacts of disadvantage and to promote improved social and health outcomes within communities.
  • Have diversity and affordability of housing as core principles, and outline how the development of more diverse housing can be
    promoted throughout Melbourne.
  • Clearly articulate the future role of social housing and explore options for expanding and better integrating social housing with new
    and existing developments.

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