Dropping off the Edge 2021 was released in November 2021 and provides a comprehensive analysis of persistent and entrenched disadvantage across Australia, including a state-by-state analysis using 37 indicators as well as supporting qualitative research.

This report, commissioned by VicHealth, presents Victoria-specific findings from Dropping off the Edge 2021 and has an added focus on health and wellbeing inequities in Victoria.

It includes an overview of the top 40 locations experiencing disadvantage in Victoria, as well as a more detailed analysis across specific health and wellbeing indicators. It describes how disadvantage is concentrated in particular locations, how various forms of disadvantage overlap, and how multilayered disadvantage becomes difficult to escape. Additional commentary and analysis of intergenerational disadvantage and environmental indicators are also provided. Finally, supporting qualitative case study research findings for Victoria are presented that discusses the challenges faced by many communities and serves to ground the indicators presented.

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