We were proud to launch our #WorthASecondChance campaign on 24 July with over 120 people in attendance to support our call to fix the Victorian youth justice system and give young people a second chance.

Rising star Adrian Eagle performs at our campaign launch

As you’ll read on page 6 of our newsletter, the campaign has been launched in response to the recent introduction of harsher penalties and fewer opportunities for young people in trouble to turn their lives around.

“We view this as one of a series of setbacks – it’s important we hold the line about the human dignity of every person,” our CEO Julie Edwards told the audience at the launch.

“It’s not a battle against one political party or another – it’s about what type of society we want.”

Program participants Sammy and Caution shared their stories of turning their lives around after having contact with police and the justice system.

“All my life I struggled at school and the teachers didn’t know how to handle it. I’ve had teachers say instead of going to school, you should drop out,” Sammy said.

“If you tell someone they’re nothing, they’ll live up to that.” Sammy has turned his life around and is now studying at TAFE with plans to become a youth worker.

The #WorthASecondChance campaign highlights the lived experiences of participants, and includes a range of resources to help people understand the facts about youth justice and call for better solutions. For more information about the campaign and to learn how you can join us, visit www.worthasecondchance.com.au