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What is Connexions?

The Connexions program was founded in 1996, in response to the identified needs of marginalised young people aged 16-28 years experiencing high and complex needs, particularly individuals struggling with concurrent mental health and substance misuse.

The Connexions program seeks to engage young people in relationships of trust and understanding, providing a professional service of counselling, casework and advocacy.

Connexions provides an integrated support response, allowing for tailored support to young people accessing the service. This includes access from the Artful Dodgers Studio, an arts and music program offering a flexible, supportive and welcoming space for young people to work on projects while building a stronger sense of belonging and self-esteem.

The program is based in Collingwood, operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and provides services throughout the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

How does Connexions work?Connexions by Jesuit Social Services

1. We provide counselling, casework and advocacy support

We deliver a flexible, model of support to assist young people in meeting their personal goals. Connexions integrates case work, counselling and advocacy support to ensure engagement is tailored to individual needs.

Our goal is to work on the things that are most important to the individual, to improve their quality of life. We do this by understanding and working alongside young people.

Counselling and casework support can be either office-based appointments or in the community. Support can be provided on short-term or long-term basis as needed.

2. We consult with others who work with young people with multiple, complex needs

We provide secondary consultation, training and support to other workers in Victoria who are engaged with young people with multiple and complex needs.

How can I refer people to Connexions?

To make a referral for yourself or someone else, please contact the Connexions Duty Worker at our Sunshine office:

Sunshine – 16 Withers Street, Sunshine, 3020 | Tel: 8595 2438
Brosnan Centre – 10 Dawson Street, Brunswick, 3056 | Tel: 9387 1233
Email: connexions@jss.org.au