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The Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility provides temporary accommodation and wraparound support to men leaving prison in Melbourne who would otherwise be homeless – a circumstance experienced by half of Victoria’s prison population, and a factor that can see people return to custody shortly after release.

How does the program help?

Safe and sustainable housing after leaving prison provides people with the support and stability they need to reset their lives after contact with the criminal justice system. The Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility provides short term, temporary accommodation for men who would otherwise experience homelessness upon exiting prison, plus intensive wraparound support to assist in their successful transition back to community life.

The facility accommodates up to 44 men. At the residence, case-managers support them to address their health issues, repair family relationships, and engage with the support needed to begin a new life in the community.

How does the program work?

People who are eligible to reside at the facility are assessed for risk, based on their offending history and behaviour.

Residents agree to a code of conduct, which includes agreement to engage with support services while living at the accommodation, and agree to a curfew.

Residents stay at the facility for a short period while they develop the skills and strategies to successfully move into independent accommodation in the community.

Who can participate?

Men leaving prison in Victoria who are at risk of experiencing homelessness on release and are assessed as eligible to reside at the Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility.

Men who have been convicted of a sexual offence or who are deemed to pose a risk to residents or staff are not eligible for the program.

Where is this program offered?

The Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility is located in the Melbourne suburb of Maidstone.

How does someone make a referral?

Participants are referred into the program prior to the end of their time in custody. Referrals are made by the prison or Community Correctional Services directly to Corrections Victoria, which assesses and approves all referrals.