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Free one-on-one support to help people experiencing barriers to employment find work.

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The Jobs Victoria Advocates Program is ceasing on 30 June and is no longer accepting referrals. Please visit to find out more about Victorian Government support programs.

What is the Jobs Victoria Advocates program?

The Jobs Victoria Advocates program provides the tailored support, information and referrals jobseekers need to prepare for and secure employment. We offer free, one-on-one support to people who need help finding work, or who are struggling with the impact of unemployment, to find the information, advice, and additional services they need.

How does the Jobs Victoria Advocates program help?

Our team of Jobs Advocates help jobseekers navigate the wide and often-complex range of education, training and employment services available in their local areas, and equip jobseekers with the confidence they need to connect with support. Our support is driven by a person’s own goals, and grounded in trusting, respectful relationships.

Support we offer people can include:

  • Selecting relevant and appropriate jobs
  • Understanding Australian job application processes
  • Encouragement and confidence-building
  • Answering questions

“People don’t fit inside a box. We give them a safe space to ask questions and show vulnerability around employment, which can be quite difficult. Once you build that rapport, you can answer questions, and provide referrals and resources.”


Jobs Advocate

Our Jobs Advocates ensure each individual is referred to the right services that will cater to their specific needs. Services we can link people to include:

  • Career counselling and advice
  • Interview and resume writing skills training
  • Mentoring programs
  • Relevant social and welfare supports

Jobs Advocates understand how it feels to be lost in a maze of information and confused about the supports that are available. We can link you to services that match your needs and situation.” – Teyra, Jobs Advocate

How does the Jobs Victoria Advocates program work?

Our Jobs Advocates provide free, one-on-one support to participants referred to the program for the period of time that person needs. The service is funded by the Victorian Government, and there is no cost to participants.

Jobs Advocates also offer outreach stalls and free community information sessions. These stalls and sessions provide practical information and advice relevant to people seeking work, their friends and family, and for those who don’t yet know exactly what they’re looking for.

Sometimes, you know you need something, but you don’t know where to find it, or you don’t know what’s the right time to go and look for it. A lot of people we’ve met are waiting for that opportunity.” – Teyra, Jobs Advocate

Who can participate?

The Jobs Victoria Advocates program is a voluntary service open to all Victorians.

Where is the Jobs Victoria Advocates program offered?

Jesuit Social Services provides the Jobs Victoria Advocates program to people who are living in or engaging with services in Melbourne’s Metro Northern and East Southern regions.

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