Artful Dodgers Studios and the NDIS

NDIS with the community

As an inclusive creative space, Artful Dodgers Studios goes beyond the traditional NDIS support models. Our community includes young people from all genders, abilities religions, cultural and identity backgrounds, and circumstances. The Studios have a mix of NDIS and non-NDIS participants.

Individuals and groups

We provide NDIS individuals and groups a platform to express themselves through various artistic mediums.  By empowering participants through art, Artful Dodgers Studios aims to build confidence and social connection.

"When I first came to Artful Dodgers, I was the shy kid.... then years go by and I started socialising with the people out there. I started speech pathology, which obviously helped me to have a conversation with people. But here at Artful Dodgers I started making friends and interacting with them. Throughout all the years I’ve gone to Artful Dodgers, it’s just like home.”


Artful Dodgers Studios participant

Contact Artful Dodgers Studios

Contact us by emailing, or calling (03) 9415 8700.

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