Pearl Goodwin-Burns from Highlands LLEN and DJ Caution from Jesuit Social Services’ Just Voices program.

Jesuit Social Services’ #WorthASecondChance campaign went regional recently with a special Ballarat film screening, panel discussion and performance by Just Voices participant DJ Caution.

The well-attended event was organized by Pearl Goodwin-Burns, Youth Advisory Board Facilitator & Project Officer with the Highlands LLEN, and kicked off with a screening of Australian documentary Backtrack Boys.

The new film follows a group of troubled young men on a perilous course towards jail until they meet up with the rough talking, free-wheeling jackaroo Bernie Shakeshaft and his legendary dog jumping team.

A life affirming piece of cinema, Backtrack Boys explores Bernie’s philosophy in action and through the journey of the youngsters in his care.

It reveals how he helps them to navigate their relationships, deal with personal trauma, take responsibility for their own decisions and gain practical job skill so they can eventually create a sustainable future for themselves.

Afterwards a panel discussion was held which included guest speakers Monique Cook  from the Youth Justice Team at the Department of Justice & Regulation), Brendan Everard (Youth Resource Officer for Victoria Police in Ballarat), Tim Solomon (Senior Manager at Berry Street) and Just Voices speaker and Indigenous Spoken Word Performer DJ Caution.

DJ Caution spoke about his experience of the youth justice system and proved a hit with those in attendance.

Organizer Pearl said of him after the event “I think Caution’s involvement was the highlight of the discussion and I’ve had really positive feedback about it. He is such an articulate young man and we were all really impressed with him.’”