Jose Mesquita, James Ferqharson and Paulie Stewart at the ‘Changed Forever’ exhibition

Jesuit Social Services has once again teamed up with the Shrine of Remembrance to present the much-praised exhibition Changed Forever.

Changed Forever features the stories of migrants who have resettled in Australia from war-torn countries alongside the stories of recent veterans of overseas service in the Australian Defence Force. This moving exhibition explores the impacts of global and civil conflict in changing lives and shaping contemporary Australia.

Beginning in 2019 at the Shrine, the touring exhibition was cancelled last year due to the outbreak of COVID.

It was able to get back up and running recently, however, and was staged at the Walker Street Gallery Dandenong. At the event was Just Voices participant Jose Mesquita, Just Voices founder Paulie Stewart and Australian Defences Force veteran James Farqharson.

All have been redefined by the emotional and physical dislocation of war, and seek to reconcile this with their new lives.

Enhanced with art, objects, photographs, audio-visuals and interactives, their personal stories reflect the range and depth of experiences in conflict and life post-war.

Shrine Curator Jean McAuslan said “It was great to partner with Jesuit Social Services and the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum. They gave us invaluable introductions to storytellers and assisted by attending interviews and bringing their extensive experience and knowledge of individuals involved in the process.”

The exhibition next moves to the Cube Gallery, Frankston and will run from 1 April – 7 May 2021.

You can find out more information about Change Forever here.