Musician Endalkachew “Tupac” Yenehun, from Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia is the latest recruit to the Just Voices Speakers Program.

A multi-instrumentalist he is best known for playing the ‘Masinko’, a single-stringed Ethiopian lute.

The highly skilled musician and comedian first made his name in his homeland performing at weddings, family functions and night clubs.

As his profile grew, he travelled to Israel, Bahrain, and Dubai to perform in concerts with other international artists. He has released four albums.

In 2019, Endalkachew sought asylum in Australia but was limited in his capacity to work owing to visa restrictions, however right now he holds a bridging visa and has full working rights. He’s currently learning English and actively looking for work.

He hopes he’ll get permanent residency and will then apply to bring his wife and three children here.

Endalkachew recently appeared as part of the Just Voices team at the Xavier Social Justice Network Dinner alongside Agum, originally from Sudan, and Cyrus from Liberia.

Just Voices Manager Danielle Sherry said the crowd at the event were captivated by the musician as he moved from table to table performing impromptu songs.

“It’s great to have Tupac as part of the team,” she said.

“He is such a unique performer that makes the Just Voices group all the more interesting.”

Working within the spiritual tradition of the Jesuits, the Xavier Social Justice Network (XSJN) is a community of parents, staff and students seeking to address and respond to injustice in society.

XSJN coordinator Danuisa Kaska said this dinner provided an opportunity for people to learn more about the current issues facing refugees in Australia.

“Through listening to Agum and Cyrus’ stories, it challenged those present to consider how to help” she said.

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