As a Jesuit Community College trainer, Tessa has had the privilege of seeing her former students find employment in many areas including nursing, teaching, administration and the arts. The employment course supports participants to build the practical skills, mindset and confidence needed to find meaningful work. Tessa’s approach combines her knowledge of neuroscience with her own experience of rebuilding her life after domestic violence.

“The participants I work with have all had their self-confidence knocked in some way – they might be older and experiencing long-term unemployment, or they might be a new migrant, or have domestic violence in their past, like me,” Tessa said.

“I always say that you can support people with all the skills around writing resumes and cover letters and using technology, but if they haven’t got the confidence, they aren’t going to get a job. For someone who might already be dealing with anxiety and depression, a job interview has the potential to be terrifying.” Tessa supports participants to develop the practical skills they need to get a job, and she draws on the latest in brain and mind science when she coaches her students. Frequent role-plays are a fixture of her course.

I am proud to say that a huge percentage of my students have successfully gained employment and in turn are confident and happy.


Employment Mentor

The course has inspired one of her former participants, Carly*, to start her own business. Tessa has also supported Carly to find casual work acting as an extra, a long-held dream of hers. Carly was even a guest speaker in Tessa’s latest course. Carly said, “Tessa has been the biggest driving force in my life.”

Tessa believes that the course isn’t just about getting a job. “It’s about changing people’s overall mindset, their limiting beliefs, and their negative self-talk.

“This is my passion and purpose in life. It adds value to my life to see other people who’ve gone through adversity like me reinvent themselves and become more confident people.”

*This participant’s name has been changed for privacy.