Jesuit Community College recently completed a 15 day training course with Iranian community members from the Thornbury Community Church. Participants were taught barista skills, coffee art techniques and gained valuable knowledge about the hospitality industry. 

Training participant Sherri says that she had a “terrific experience” completing the course, which has opened up a “different plan” for her career. Sherri says that “I learnt many things about hospitality, food safety, making good coffee and making mocktails step by step”.

“Before, when I had a meeting with my Aussie friends it would be difficult to order the right coffee from the menu to suit my taste. Now I can order it with specifications for the perfect cup of coffee to suit my taste or my friends’ taste. For immigrants with different cultures and backgrounds, this is important. I recommend this course to my friends”.

Mashid, Community Team Leader from Thornbury Community Church said that the graduation was a “beautiful, well organised, emotional day that showcased the confidence the participants had [gained], with some now considering careers in hospitality”.

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