Jesuit Social Services’ ‘Just Voices’ 2021 program was launched recently with a wonderful first-time talk and performance by leading reggae, soul and hip-hop star Adrian Eagle.

The rapper and singer appeared in front of 100 Year 11 St. Mary of the Angels students from Nathalia, a regional Victorian town, who travelled to Melbourne and stayed at the Urban Camp in Parkville.

‘Adrian’s live performance was fantastic. I love[d] the way he include[d] the audience in his performance’ teacher Michaela Brooks said.

Adrian Eagle first connected with the Artful Dodgers Studios run by Jesuit Social Services a few years ago and it wasn’t long before he emerged as one of the leading new faces of Australian music.

He recently played worldwide with top Adelaide hip-hop outfit The Hilltop Hoods and in a major break, supported musical superstar Eminem at the MCG.

Living proof how a person can triumph over extraordinary obstacles, Eagle shared with the assembled students his personal battle with self-belief and anxiety but said his determination and love of music won out in the end.

He also paid tribute to his mum, who raised him as a single mother, and performed two of his Triple J hit singles ‘17 Again’ and ‘A.O.K.’.

Judging by the reaction of those in attendance Adrian certainly picked up some new fans.

Student Sienna called him ‘very engaging’, student Isabella ‘inspirational’ while student Bridie said Adrian’s session ‘was a great insight into the life of a person who battles mental health issues’.

Meanwhile, another ‘Just Voices’ speaker, English born film producer Maggie Miles, recently opened in cinemas with her new movie ‘High Ground’ and will be available for workshops at interested schools.

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