Students from Sacred Heart School (Preston) show their support for people seeking asylum

More than 75 Catholic school communities across the country showed their support and solidarity for people seeking asylum as part of the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum’s (CAPSA) National Week of Prayer and Action in June.

CAPSA coordinated the event as a way of supporting school communities – including students, teachers and parents – to engage with this critically important issue. More than 8,000 students took part in a variety of activities including Detention4Detention (a voluntary lunchtime detention) or a Circle of Silence.

Marie Bagh, Acting Director Faith and Mission at Marymede Catholic College, says her school is committed to seeing positive change for people seeking asylum and refuge in Australia.

“Through writing letters, and volunteering for the Detention4Detention event organised through CAPSA, our students are provided with an opportunity to share their understandings about human dignity, a principle in Catholic Social Teaching,” she says.

“We will continue to educate our students about the importance of advocating for the most vulnerable and displaced people in our world.”

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