Chris JulieInternational speaker and renowned author Chris Lowney was invited by Jesuit Mission and Jesuit Social Services speak about leadership and collaboration on Friday 24 June at Jesuit Social Services central office in Richmond.

Challenging those in the room to understand what makes good leaders and to promote those qualities across all levels of their organisation, Chris referred to Pope Francis as an embodiment of many of these principles.

Focusing on Pope Francis’ earlier life, Chris demonstrated his ability to win the trust and respect of others through his willingness to get his hands dirty. Chris showed how Pope Francis then called on those in his charge to understand the needs of the people in their community by spending time among them but to also dedicate time throughout the day to consider the bigger picture and reflect on the things they had learned.

The final challenge to those present (around 50 people from Australia and the Asia Pacific) was to break into small groups or three or four and discuss how we might combine our efforts and new and innovative ways to strike a new path to better serve those in need.

Image: Chris Lowney and Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards.