Jesuit Social Services’ partnership with the parish of Our Lady of the Way in North Sydney continues to grow as parishioners respond to our appeal for support in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney.

Rose happily receives items donated from the Our Lady of the Way parish

Since 2015, the parish has conducted two appeals per year seeking money, volunteers and groceries to fill the shelves of the Food Store in Emerton – a low cost grocery supermarket providing heavily subsidised items to the community. The parish also regularly donates to our on-site Op Shop.

Dave Hammond, General Manager of our work in Western Sydney, says the support has been overwhelming. “In July each year parishioners donate truckloads of groceries as part of our annual appeal filling The Food Store’s shelves to the brim.”  

Beyond the material and financial assistance, our relationship with the parish provides a great sense of collaboration between the two communities. “Knowing that so many people have such a commitment to the people of Mount Druitt gives our team a wonderful sense of community.”

Central to the parish’s support is the commitment shown by Parish Priest Fr Andy Bullen, Parish Manager Humphrey Nolan and parish volunteer Trish Martin. 

Trish has seen the relationship grow from year to year to ensure the practical needs of the community are met. “Last week one of our parishioners drove out to Emerton in his truck and took Dave, Rose and Lisa to a Cash and Carry Store where he directed them to start shopping. When the total spending reached $3,500 he loaded the groceries on his truck and delivered them to the Food Store as a gift!”

Partnerships with community groups and companies provide much needed support so that we can work together to build a just society for all. If you’d like to discuss how your group can support our work, please contact Erin Hunter on 03 9421 7600 or