A new breed of young innovative recording artists will feature on the latest CD to be released by the Artful Dodgers Studio called ”REVERBERATE.”

To be released at 5 pm on the November 19 at the prestigious Victorian Arts Centre, the new disc features emerging young artists like Sudanese girl rapper Ronika, acoustic trio Eric’s Town, punk bands The Desolettes and The Strippers and Koori rapper DJ Caution and Sudanese acoustic outfit The Travellers..

They perform on the new album alongside more established Artful Dodgers artists like The Flybz (who recently toured East Timor) Koori soul singing sensation Lawrence Austin(who is attracting a huge cult following around town), rapper Da Hypnotist and the coolest man in hip hop Riak Riak.

Run by the Jesuit Community College, the Dodgers facility provides innovative and creative spaces for young people to work in fully equipped art and music studios with experienced artists and musicians. Exploring and developing their creative skills and getting involved in projects, exhibitions and public outcome events.

Based in Collingwood the studio’s programs offer a flexible and welcoming space for young people to work in order to increase social connectedness, self-esteem, foundation and employability skills and re-engage positively in the learning process.

Producer of the new album and Artful Dodgers studio engineer Jesse Sullivan said ”REVERBERATE” would feature a cross section of styles and performers.

It has been a very productive time of late in the studio and we have had some great new talent join our ranks from punk rockers to acoustic musicians with beautiful voices to hard core rappers and hip hoppers,” he said.

”Our artists have worked really hard all year on their individual tracks for the new album and everyone is super excited about hearing it.

”The launch should be a great event and I urge all Jesuit Social Services staff and fri4nds to come along to the launch on November 19. Entry and finger food and drinks, is all free while one of our participants Sammy G will be out host for the night.”.