Jesuit Social Services’ CEO Julie Edwards has joined 60 delegates from around the world in Loyola, Spain to attend the ‘Networking for Justice’ meeting from 17-20 November.

The meeting will bring together members of the five Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks, including migration, right to education, ecology and governance of natural resource, as well as other influential networks, to try and effectively combat causes of social and environmental injustice around the world.

This meeting is convened at a time when a record 60 million refugees are fleeing war and more than 170 million people are fleeing poverty, hunger, lack of educational opportunities or environmental damage.

Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos, the Secretary for Social Justice and Ecology of the Society of Jesus, says the primary purpose of the meeting is “to establish alliances for a more just and sustainable world, where the poor can live with dignity”.

You can keep up-to-date with proceedings at the official websiteFacebook or Twitter.