A graduation lunch was held last week for participants who completed the BOSS (Building on Skills and Strengths) Certificate 1 in Education for Adults at the Holy Eucharist Primary School in St Albans, where the program was conducted.

The program, run by Jesuit Community College, is designed to improve literacy, numeracy and employability skills whilst improving the confidence of participants and helping them make connections with others in the community.

At the graduation, participants decorated the room with colourful displays and shared platters of food from their homeland with their peers, teachers and volunteers.

Frank Krasovec from the College presented the proud graduates with certificates to signify their achievement.

College Trainer and Assessor, Nathalie Tolbize, said the course focused on a range of skills, catering to the specific needs of each participant.

Jesuit Community College graduationOne such participant was Rebika Deng who arrived in Australia from South Sudan in 2007, not knowing anyone in the country. Rebika has developed her communication skills and can now speak and write in English with growing confidence. She has made some wonderful friends from a number of different backgrounds and said the group of participants she met during the course was one of her favourite things about attending.

“I have made many friends. The people here are all very nice to me. I like coming here to see them very much,” said Rebika.

She is also looking forward to what lies ahead.

“I hope to get a job in the future. My English is improving and I learn new things every day.”

Another student, Xiaodong, left her home in China two years ago with little confidence and low self-esteem coming into a new way of life in Australia. She has come a long way since then and although she is looking forward to seeing her family in the coming year, she has enjoyed her experience in Australia and has fast become an enthusiastic learner.

“This course for me if very good. I’ve learnt a lot. I can read and understand English and talk to the local people. Language for me is very important,” she said.

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