Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards and Jesuit Provincial Fr Brian McCoy at the launch of Jesuit Social Services Foundation Document.

Jesuit Social Services launched its foundation document on Tuesday 31 July at an event that included a Mass to mark the Feast day of St Ignatius celebrated by Jesuit Provincial Fr Brian McCoy. He spoke about how Ignatius discovered and shared a way of discerning what God was asking of him, a legacy that has been passed down to the Society of Jesus today.

The Foundation Document recognises that the work of Jesuit Social Services is based in Jesuit Mission, with its focus on seeking what matters, finding God in all events and people, and on faith and justice. These commit us to shape a world in which the dignity of each human being and their interdependence on one another and on the environment are respected, with the result that the persons, society and the works may flourish.

The Foundation document also situates our Practice Framework that governs the work of Jesuit Social Services within our Jesuit heritage, recognising that our responsibility as an organisation does not stop with our personal relationship, but also recognises the interconnectedness of environmental and social justice and extends to building a society in which people, and especially the most vulnerable, are respected, and in which all have a place at the table. We are also committed to develop the same respectful relationships with one another as with the people whom we serve, and to embed them in our processes.

Download a copy of the Foundation Document.