Jugendanstalt Neustrelitz, Germany

The Justice Solutions tour will visit Neustrelitz Youth Centre, Germany. Image credit: Jugendanstalt Neustrelitz

Delegates from Jesuit Social Services’ Executive team and Board are about to embark on an international research trip to explore innovative and sustainable solutions to youth and adult justice issues.

Taking place throughout June 2017, the Justice Solutions tour will investigate justice policy, systems, facilities and advocacy in the UK, Germany, Norway, Spain and the United States.

By observing state-of-the-art facilities overseas and talking to fellow practitioners and policy leaders about alternative approaches in practice, programs, policy and advocacy, we hope to contribute new ideas and influence the conversation around youth and adult justice in Australia.

Delegates include Julie Edwards (CEO) and Sally Parnell (Executive Director of Programs), who will visit Europe, and Patricia Faulkner (Chairman) and Catherine Neville (Executive Director of Advocacy and Strategic Communication), who will head to the US.

Julie Edwards says the Justice Solutions tour aligns with Jesuit Social Services’ tradition of valuing expertise, grounded experience, and promoting evidenced-based policy.

“We want to ensure that our youth justice systems are effective in turning around the lives of young people and promoting a safe community. We want to make certain that the rehabilitative prospects of children and young people are as strong as possible in our policies and practices – an outcome that benefits the entire community.”

The Justice Solutions tour follows our third National Justice Symposium which took place in March 2017 and brought together experts, academics and policymakers to discuss the many and complex issues affecting youth justice in Australia.

Justice Solutions tour itinerary

The Justice Solutions tour will see Jesuit Social Services executives meet with international leaders in youth justice, including representatives from:

We are grateful for the generous donation by a long-term supporter of Jesuit Social Services to fund this tour. We also thank Professor Vincent Schiraldi, who spoke at our National Justice Symposium in March, for his help in formulating the tour’s US itinerary.

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