Just Voices Speakers Program presenter Agum

Adapting to unprecedented change due to COVID-19, Jesuit Social Services’ Just Voices Speakers Program is now delivering online social justice presentations by it’s multi-talented list of presenters.

Recently Agum (pictured right) delivered her moving story via Zoom with 181 students from Mazenod College.

In 1997, Agum’s life was torn apart when civil war broke out in South Sudan. “I remember the roar of the bomber jets coming from the North. Then I remember running, screaming, terror and chaos. My parents walked us into neighbouring Uganda. The refugee camps were full. Food and water was scarce, but we were safe.”

Agum shares the joys and challenges of her refugee journey and settlement in Australia with incredible resilience and hope. “I want to show students we all carry resilience inside – we can be independent and have our voices heard!”

Established seven years ago, the program will soon celebrate its 500th paid engagement.

Newest additions to Just Voices include social justice movie producer Maggie Miles and her film “Guilty” which follows the final hours of Bali Nine prisoner, Myuran Sukumaran; torture and trauma counsellor Christine Cummins who worked with asylum seekers on Christmas Island; Hip Hop artist Daniel from Uganda, who shares his story of coming to live in Australia; Cyrus with his personal journey of homelessness and John, who for most of his life lived behind bars, delivering a raw and incredibly candid presentation about his journey of self-realisation.

Program Coordinator Danielle Sherry says that despite moving the program online, Just Voices continues to offer powerful and unique insights into the experiences of people from diverse communities, cultures and lived experiences. “If schools are on the lookout to give students something different right now, we are definitely available”.

For more information visit www.justvoices.org.au or contact Danielle Sherry or Paulie Stewart on (03) 9415 8700.