Jesuit Social Services and Jesuit Refugee Service have signed an MOU to jointly convene the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA).

Carolina Gottardo (Director, Jesuit Refugee Service), left, and Julie Edwards (CEO, Jesuit Social Services) sign the MOU

This collaboration comes out of a mutual desire to ensure a Catholic welcome is more widely encouraged, supported and implemented for those who seek protection in Australia through coordinated action and advocacy.

Formed in 2014 by Jesuit Social Services and Cabrini, CAPSA was established with the aim to build on the groundswell of support from Australian Catholics, link people together, and create a collective Catholic voice for change.

This CAPSA co-leadership arrangement will continue to be supported by the CAPSA Advisory Group, made up of peak Catholic bodies and national organisations from across the pastoral, health, education and social service domains. With the combined expertise and leadership from both organisations, this broad alliance of Catholic schools, individuals, parishes and organisations is well equipped to continue its work to change hearts and minds to compassion, coordinate actions and advocate for positive change to policy and legislation for people seeking asylum.