Tom is passionate about empowering new migrants and refugees.

Tom has been volunteering as a tutor for Jesuit Social Services’ Homework Club at Flemington public housing estate for almost four years.

Tom began volunteering because he feels passionate about the need for support services that empower newly arrived migrants and refugees: “A lot of the participants we work with have been through trauma in some capacity, or their parents have been through trauma”.

For Tom, the program is more than homework support: “I predominantly work with younger children and it’s as much about social and emotional support as it is educational.

“I find that a lot of it is just giving the children the space to talk about their day, their week, their experiences… it’s about their overall development and wellbeing”.

Speaking about the highlights of his time with the Homework Club, Tom says: “One of the most fulfilling and moving developments is seeing individuals regain their sense of confidence and really seize the opportunity — which they deserve — to speak for themselves and really recognise themselves as individuals who have something to contribute to Australian society”.