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When Chantelle Bazerghi decided to become a monthly donor to our Support After Suicide program, helping other people learn about the service was front of mind.

“Support After Suicide is a totally specialised service – it’s completely unique, and I hope that more people can access it.”

Specialist suicide prevention services

Since its inception in 2004, Support After Suicide has provided specialist services including counselling, home and group visits and online resources to people bereaved by the loss of a loved one.

Chantelle says these supports are vital to help people navigate the complex grief and trauma associated with suicide.

“We spend billions on other prevention methods, but the money spent on suicide prevention is shockingly low. Being able to access a service that’s free means it’s available to everyone.”

Reducing stigma by talking about suicide

Chantelle believes that improving public awareness and discourse about suicide will help to remove stigma and misunderstanding – and ultimately save lives.

“Anything we can do to allow people to talk about suicide and to understand it better is going to prevent deaths.”

She says the program was ‘invaluable’ throughout her own experience of suicide bereavement.

“Support After Suicide got me through the hardest time in my life after losing my mum. I honestly don’t know how I would have ever reached a point of acceptance otherwise.

“As things went on, I wasn’t just surviving. I was coping. And then, I was living again. I believe this service is rare and has the possibility to truly save lives.”


Donations from people like Chantelle help to increase the reach and recognition of our programs in the community. To become a regular donor to Jesuit Social Services, please visit our secure donation page, or call our Fundraising Manager on 03 9421 7617.