Our Ecological Justice Hub in Brunswick is centred around an established permaculture garden and workshop that are usually home to hands-on courses like carpentry, habitat design, composting and more.

For the past 18 months, however, through six lockdowns, the team at the Hub has been providing fresh food relief every week to vulnerable members of the community.

“Over the past year and a half, we have learned that people of all locations, ages and experiences can find themselves at a disadvantage and can benefit from community support,” says the Hub’s Senior Project Advisor, Michael McGarvie.

Every Tuesday morning, a small group of dedicated volunteers box up fresh garden greens, honey and eggs – all produced in the Hub’s garden. The boxes are delivered to local emergency food relief organisations with whom the Hub has partnered throughout the pandemic.

“The recipients are extremely grateful for the gesture and have expressed their immense appreciation in having freshly harvested food to distribute. They say they don’t get fresh greens from their other sources of food donation.”

This initiative has allowed the Hub to maintain community by facilitating social connection during times of isolation in a COVID-safe way.

“We’ve learned that being visible, open and welcoming are some of the most important elements of our outreach and linkages with the local community.”