With the support of the Major Projects Jobs Service, Aman found work as a surveyor.

When Aman Genna came to Australia in 2013, he did so with the hope of finding “a better life.” As degree qualified engineering surveyor with six years experience in road construction, road management and project management in Ethiopia, he was unprepared for difficulties he would encounter gaining employment in his chosen field.

Like many skilled arrivals to Australia, Aman found his lack of local knowledge to be one of the biggest obstacles to finding work. ”The first couple of years were hard because I didn’t have local experience of Australia and I don’t have professional connections. Most of the companies were looking for professionally qualified people with local experience, which I didn’t have.”

When Aman contacted the Major Projects Jobs Service, doors began to open. “The Major Projects Jobs Service connected me with the company I’m working with, which was a great support.” The Major Projects Jobs Service team also helped Aman to get the training he required for his new role, which included confined space and first aid training.

Aman’s future now looks bright. “I’m one of the team of Utility Mapping, I have got a surveying role in the team there. I see myself in the coming 12 months becoming a senior surveyor, and in five years to work on my project management skills.

The Major Projects Jobs Service gave me the opportunity to be on track with my professional career, so that I can plan for the future. It was a really big help for me in my life in Australia.”