Father Arturo Sosa SJ, 31st General of the Society of Jesus, sent a video message to those gathered at our 2017 Annual Dinner.

In his message, Fr Sosa congratulated and thanked Jesuit Social Services for 40 years of building hope in a suffering world.

“From my own experience, I know very well that these achievements have not come easily. I am sure that in the past 40 years you have experienced the joy of seeing people move from bad things to new beginnings, but I am also certain that you have experienced times when your own hope was tested. I therefore, want to thank the women and men of Jesuit Social Services who have persevered amidst challenges and struggles and who have not allowed these difficulties to rob them of their passion and their hope of building a more just world.”

Fr Sosa also expressed his support for our new national program, The Men’s Project, which aims to help men flourish in healthy, responsible and non-violent ways.

“It is inspiring to see you that you continue to dream of new ways of bringing hope to our violent divided world. I would like to invite your friends and supporters… to join you in this dream of reducing violence in our world and to help you in your efforts to build peace in a practical, effective and enduring way.”

We are grateful for Fr Sosa’s blessing and support of our vision for a more just and more compassionate world. As he says, “More than ever we need to stand, dream and work together as we see the rise of those who seek to inflame fear, anger and intolerance, rather than hope, hospitality and compassion”.