We are pleased to announce that the next iteration of our Dropping off the Edge research into locational disadvantage across Australia will be published in 2021. This will be the fifth edition of this seminal research spanning more than 20 years.

Dropping off the Edge maps disadvantage in each state and territory and identifies that a small number of communities experience entrenched and persistent disadvantage that limits people’s outcomes and opportunities.

As well as indicators to demonstrate social wellbeing and disadvantage, the next report will include environmental indicators for the first time to measure green space, heat vulnerability and air quality. This will allow us to illustrate a more complete picture of disadvantage in line with our broader ecological justice work.

We have engaged the University of Canberra as our research partner for this major project and will continue to share updates with you next year ahead of the report’s launch.

Additionally, we have recently appointed Dr Susie Moloney (RMIT University) as Executive Director of our new Centre for Just Places which will be established in early 2021. This Centre will be the home of the Dropping off the Edge research, serve as a repository of models of good practice and accompany communities in their efforts to build resilience.

We are grateful to Gandel Philanthropy and the Victorian State Government for the initial funding to establish the centre.