Our Community Partners provide valuable support for our work through their monthly donations. Greg shares his motivation for supporting the work of Jesuit Social Services in this way.

Social justice has been bred into me from my days at St Joseph’s College in Geelong. Care for others, respect and tolerance were values taught at school. My family was poor, and in my youth, this was not uncommon in Geelong. Gough Whitlam changed society so much, which taught me that opportunities are for all, or should be for all.

The Jesuits have always believed in the power of education, and my experience at Newman College reinforced this belief. Jesuit Social Services is a practical realisation of their social justice beliefs, empowered by the well-known and formidable Jesuits’ smarts.

I helped out as a receptionist at the Brosnan Centre, and met heaps of people there. Ironically, Fr Brosnan was a mad Geelong fan, and knew my mother many years ago, so there was a link there. The plight of some of our youth is so disturbing, and I greatly respect those at the Centre who are helping in whatever way to improve young lives.

I am proud to be a community partner and to help in a very small way funding the work of Jesuit Social Services. I selfishly think it is excellent value for my money as well. The work requires funding, and more funding! To be a force in this service, money is required to support the advocates, the social workers and the many others involved in the causes.

For more information or to become a Community Partner, please call us on 03 9421 7600.