Yvonne is now working as a catering assistant

Yvonne emigrated to Australia in 2016 with hopes of a new beginning. Upon her arrival, she found that her experience working in hospitality in Rwanda was not recognised by employers – and lack of work experience in Australia was a barrier to her gaining work here. This is a common problem confronted by migrants when they settle in Australia.

Yvonne says she found it “hard to get jobs in Australia because I wasn’t experienced here, and didn’t know how things were done”.

Jesuit Community College provides people with real skills for life, learning and work, offering pathways to education and employment through accredited training programs, as well as short courses that help people with their work readiness.

In the past financial year, the College supported more than 3,500 students who faced barriers to mainstream education and training. In late 2017, Jesuit Community College also marked its 10,000th participant since our doors opened and the first students enrolled in May 2011.

Yvonne says that Jesuit Community College provided her with the skills, training and confidence she required to successfully navigate the process of applying and interviewing for jobs. The College “coached and encouraged me, helping me work on my CV, my confidence levels and some of the weaknesses that hindered me in getting jobs”.

With the support provided by Jesuit Community College, Yvonne was able to find work as a catering assistant with a school in Melbourne’s east, which she feels has placed her on the pathway to a successful career.

“Working with the College has made a huge impact on my personal journey in Australia. I went from not having any offers at all to having a job that helps me pay the bills and get into the workforce.”