The ALEX zine project was officially launched on Monday 2nd February to an enthusiastic and supportive crowd. The project aimed to showcase the creative work happening in the LGBTQI and/or SSASGD communities and the launch was a great affirmation for all the young people involved. It truly was an evening of immense talent and joy. We had a wonderful performance by Yagan Sartour (aka Star Aqua Galactica), readings by the some of the zine authors and live music. The young LGBTQI communities certainly showed us whose got talent.

Amy Jo Jory the lead artist in the project was overwhelmed at the number of young people who were keen to get involved. She facilitated a number of creative sessions for those able to come along to the Collingwood studios and was more than happy to receive submissions online.

“Using social media was really important as we wanted to connect with young people who were unable to attend the studios for whatever reason. I was lucky enough to be invited onto the editorial panel and was so impressed and honoured by all the young people’s work and insights. We believe this is only the beginning as it was such a huge success and young people were excited that it continue. We will definitely be looking at how to grow the project in the coming year with more partners”, said Marianna Codognotto, Coordinator at the Artful Dodgers Studios.

“A really special part of the evening was that we were able to meet people in person that we had only had email contact with. Young people shared stories, made connections, brought along supportive friends and family. It was a great example of the benefits of growing community and social connectedness through creativity.”

People can continue to connect via social media and share the zine at or get a copy from the studios at 1 Langridge Street Collingwood. If you would like to support the project in it’s next iteration please contact the studios on 9415 8700 or email to chat about Edition number 2, we are already getting excited.