Peninsula Support Group members visiting our Brosnan site in Brunswick

We are very grateful for the commitment and loyalty of the Peninsula Support Group over the past 35 years. In that time, the group have raised a generous $90,000 in support of our work, particularly Brosnan Services.

Such commitment is integral to the work we do and vital for the young people we work with.

On 1 November Daniel Clements, General Manager, Justice and Crime Prevention, and his team hosted a wonderful luncheon for the group, which was supplied by volunteer Maureen Peebles.

Members of the Peninsula Support Group showed such enthusiasm and compassion for our work and, in addition to presenting a $3,600 cheque to the organisation, also provided two boxes of Christmas presents to be distributed to program participants.

Shane Healy, Board member and Chair of Jesuit Social Services’ Fundraising Committee, and Cath Neville, Executive Director, Advocacy and Strategic Communications, spoke to the group about the important role they play in supporting many of our young people and thanked them for their generous contribution over the years.

Guests were also entertained by a performance from Aaron, a participant of our Artful Dodgers Studios.

We pass on our gratitude and thank everybody at the Peninsula Support Group for their ongoing commitment to our work.