fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Major Projects Jobs Service offers Ben the opportunity to thrive

Major Projects Jobs Service offers Ben the opportunity to thrive

The Major Projects Jobs Service is a new initiative of our Jesuit Community College which aims to connect young people from culturally diverse backgrounds with the training and mentoring they need to gain a foothold in the building and construction industry.

With the support of the Major Projects Jobs Service, Ben has transitioned out of retail and into the construction industry

Prior to engaging with the program, Ben Rakei was working in casual retail jobs and found himself struggling to find purpose and motivation in his life. Ben worked with the Major Projects team to identify the type of work he would be most suited for, and was placed in pre-apprenticeship training with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU).

Brad McLuckie, Ben’s trainer at the CFMEU, has seen significant changes in Ben since he commenced his training.

“When Ben came here he was very quiet, he was a little introverted, and had no experience in the building industry at all. He’s now developed into a young man who can use all the equipment, all the electric saws, drills, drop saws, he understands plans and he understands the terminology in the building industry. He’s developed not only as a person, he’s developed with the knowledge in all those areas – the equipment, skills and construction. He’s come a long way.”

Ben attributes much of his success to the support and mentoring he has received from the Major Projects Jobs Service team.

“They gave me the courage to stand up and actually do some work, they helped me move on with my life and gave me bigger and better opportunities. They are here to teach you what you need to do to go to the workforce before you [get into] the big league.”

To find out more about the Major Projects Jobs Service, visit www.jss.org.au/major-projects-jobs-service