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How to donate

1. Use our secure online donation form

2. Choose how you give:

  • become a Community Partner to make monthly contributions
  • join our Workplace Giving program to give regular pre-tax donations from your pay
  • make a single donation using a debit or credit card

3. Directly help some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.

Become a Community Partner

As a Community Partner, your monthly donations allow us to confidently plan ahead with vital programs, knowing that funds will be available.

Becoming a Community Partner is a convenient way of giving. It saves you time, and saves us money by reducing our administration costs.

You can choose to make a monthly donation either by credit card, or by direct debit from a bank account.

Your donation is processed automatically each month, which makes it easy for you to keep track of. We also send you a statement at the end of each financial year for tax purposes.

Join our Workplace Giving program

Give pre-tax donations from your pay by joining our Workplace Giving program.

Workplace Giving is a payroll contribution scheme where direct pre-tax donations from registered employees have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community.

Workplace Giving is a simple and powerful way to help us deliver services to at-risk communities and young people.

Donations are deducted from your salary before tax is applied, which means that your taxable income is reduced immediately and without the need for receipts.

Plus, because donations are made pre-tax, it only costs you 52 cents for every dollar you pledge (based on a marginal tax rate of 48.5%). The Australian Taxation Office pays the balance.

Make a single donation

No amount is too small to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged people.

Your one-off, tax deductible donation will help us work in some of the most difficult and demanding areas in our community.

How we value your donation

We value our donors. As a thank you for championing social justice, you’ll receive:

  • news about our programs and current social policy issues
  • invitations to attend program launches, exhibitions, fundraising activities and special events

More ways to give

  • Fundraise for us —run your own fundraising activity or take part in one of our events
  • Make a bequest — remember Jesuit Social Services in your will, to help us build a better tomorrow for disadvantaged young people
  • Volunteer with us — apply your skills and experience in our programs, in administrative roles, or assisting our fundraising initiatives
  • Involve your school — educate for a just society through our Speakers Program, Social Justice Awareness programs and Community Service Days
  • Involve your business — form a strategic alliance by becoming a Corporate Partner or Workplace Inclusion Partner
  • Stay informed — read our quarterly newsletter, which showcases the hands-on work we do and highlights our policy, advocacy and research achievements